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Want to know more about the first book in the saga? You’ve come to the right place! Be warned, if you haven’t read it yet, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!


Behind the Scenes




Two very different Supernova trailers.
Which is your favorite?
P.S. They may contain previous book covers.

Why Supernova?

Anytime I would write something before, the part I dreaded most was coming up with a title. I've said before everything about this book is fate, and the title is no exception. I was at work one day, desperately trying to think of an ability for Evania that was opposite yet similar of her mate and cook at the same time. A certain song came on the radio, Supernova by Ra, and it was like the heavens opened and a choir started singing. No joke. The BIGGEST grin appeared on my face and I had to beg people not to have me committed. That song sprung the title and one of her abilities. Plus, it sounds hella cool. :- )

Character Name Meanings in Supernova


Evania Lenora Laylen - In Supernova, the meaning of Evania's name is told. It is English for tranquil, and Greek for young fighter. I chose Lenora for the meaning, shining light. Her last name Laylen came about because originally, I had chosen Layla as Evania's name. Obviously, I changed my mind and transformed it into her last name.


Desmond Brandan Kane - I don't know why, but I always knew Desmond would be named Desmond. Imagine my excitement when I looked it up and found the Irish meaning for it to be gracious defender. Yeah... I was totally stoked :- ) His middle and last name I can't take credit for. Brandan was found by my friend April. It's pretty perfect since my physical inspiration for Desmond came from the actor Brandon Barash. My friend Megan found a lot of the last names for me. She chose six Irish names for me to pick from, and I absolutely fell in love with Kane. And it doesn't hurt that the Irish meaning for it is fighter. :- )


Daniel Knight - I never looked up a meaning for Daniel, but since he's a Priest, I wanted a religious sounding name. Knight I thought of for obvious reasons. He was Evania's knight in shining armor when he saved her from the river.


Mirabelle Harlin (Belle) - Since Belle is a strikingly gorgeous girl, I wanted a name that equaled that beauty. Mirabelle means of wondrous and incredible beauty. Even though I love the name, it was a mouthful, so that's why I have everyone call her Belle. My friend Megan looked up the rest of the last names for me. No clue what Harlin means, but it matches it perfectly.


Axel Waldeburg - Axel means source of all life. Given his ability, I thought it was suitable. :- ) Waldeburg is another name Megan found. I don't remember the meaning, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Southern California, which is perfect since that is where Axel is from.


Agnessa Willard (Nessa) - Agnessa is Russian for meek, which is in the book. Willard is another name Megan found. We talked about this one for a while. Since Nessa's real name is a mystery, Desmond and Alec had to come up with a last name for her. Willard means resolute or brave. Given what the girl had to go through to become a Guardian, it suits her rather well.

Brant Wheden - I wanted a strong name for the Guardian with Nessa. Since she is shy, he had to be bold. I chose Brant because it means proud. I don't mean he is arrogant necessarily, just confident. Again, Megan found Wheden and for the life of me I don't remember the meaning. You'll have to look it up yourself. ;)

Jackson Payne - Oh, Jackson. I didn't choose Jackson for the meaning. I chose it for a certain reason that will be my secret. Hahahahaha :- ) Megan found the last name, and since he can be a pain in the ass, it fits. :- )

Alec Dimitriou - When I needed a name for the leader of the Guardians, I looked up words, not names first. Alec means protector of men. Pretty perfect, huh? ;) I didn't know where I would have him from until I saw the origin was Greece. His last name, Dimitriou, was pretty tricky. I looked for Greek last names that were ancient.

Gedeon Dimitriou - Now, yes I know, Gedeon isn't the typical spelling, but I didn't choose it for the spelling. This way of spelling Gedeon means destroyer. Need I say more? There is a reason why they have the same last name, but I'll get into that in Tsunami. :- )

Bev & Pauline - I looked nothing up for these ladies and they aren't named after anyone. It's just what popped in my head first when I started writing their characters.

Ethan & Eve Laylen - I didn't look anything up for these two either, but I thought it'd be cute if they all had names that started with E. Don't think so? Well, whatever then. :- )



A list of songs that inspired Supernova.

The Letter Black - Perfect

The Letter Black - Hanging by a Thread

The Letter Black - Best of Me

Skillet - Falling Inside the Black

Skillet - Energy

Skillet - Dead Inside

Skillet - Awake and Alive

Skillet - Monster

Skillet - Rebirthing

Skillet - Whispers in the Dark

Skillet - Yours to Hold

Nickelback - Never Gonna Be Alone

Three Days Grace - Life Starts Now

Three Days Grace - World So Cold

Adelita's Way - Invincible

Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony

Evanescence - Bring Me to Life

Ra - Supernova

Red - Break Me Down

Red - Forever

Red - Lost

Red - Mystery of You

Red - Pieces

Red - Shadows

Shinedown - Beyond the Sun

Shinedown- Save Me

Sick Puppies - Maybe

Sixx AM - Life is Beautiful


Different Quotes

Here are a few other quotes I considered for the beginning of Supernova.


"The more you fight waiting, the more waiting you will have to fight." ~ Unknown


"Just because something good ends doesn't mean something better won't begin." ~ Unknown


"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." ~Thomas Edison


"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire." ~Aristotle


Character Inspirations in Supernova


For Evania, no one really inspired her. I didn't have any actresses in mind when I created her in my brain. I'll be honest with you, whenever I would think of a monologue she was going to say or something she was going to do, I pictured myself. I'm NOT saying I molded Evania from me. Yes, I gave her my small hands, big feet, vertical glitch, brown hair, and brown eyes, BUT no, I'm not her, and she's not me. I just needed someone in my head when I was thinking of plot points and whatnot and since I know what I look like, I'm who I thought of. :- ) One day after the books were done, I saw a picture of Emmy Rossum and immediately thought of Evania.

With Desmond, well, his physical looks have definitely been molded after someone. He goes by the name of Brandon Barash and is an actor on my favorite soap opera, General Hospital. If you don't know him, he plays bad-boy mobster Johnny Zacchara. If you don't know what the man looks like, I HIGHLY suggest you look him up and find out. He is dreamy, manly, and the perfect match for my Desmond. If Supernova ever gets made into a movie, I will be first in line lobbying that Brandon plays Desmond. I'm just sayin'.

Wonder why Jackson has a British accent? Messy hair? Tall and muscular, yet slightly lanky? Robert Pattinson plays Jackson in my head. :- )

No one ever played the part of Nessa when I imagined her. No one I know anyway. I just imagined a very petite Chinese girl. The same with Axel. Well, not a Chinese girl, but I pictured a short man with shoulder length blonde-gray hair. Yes, he isn't attractive, given the blemishes and craters on his face, but his sense of humor, gray eyes, and amazing smile make up for that.

My Brant? Well that's easy. It's Kellan Lutz. Belle? Yeah, that's definitely Rachelle Lefevre. I told you I was going through my Twilight phase when I wrote it! :- ) Want more proof? Daniel... Well he's Cam Gigandet.

Last, but certainly not least ... Alec. I was watching Lost when I started writing his character description and fell in love with Naveen Andrews. He's a little older, but everything else about him is the perfect fit for my immortal Alec. :- )

Questions about Supernova from Noviacs like YOU!!!

Why doesn't Evania kill herself? Would she if Daniel wasn't in her life?

She would try, but she wouldn't be able to go through with it.  At the last moment, she would realize she couldn't do it.  Deep down, she knows she's strong, she's just forgotten.

What is the little white pill?

Haha.  Okay, so I've been asked this question a LOT.  I never do say what kind of pill Evania is addicted to, but I'm ready to give you an answer.....
It's white Tic-Tacs!!!! :)  She's addicted to having fresh breath.  Unbelieveable, I know.... No, no, that's not the truth. I'm sorry, I lied. The truth is I have no idea. In the beginning I was going to have her addicted to something harder like heroin or crack, but decided it was too messy.  When I decided on pills, I looked up a lot of different kinds, but couldn't decide on one.  Not being a pill head myself, I decided to leave it as is and not say what she is addicted to.  I've heard oxy cotin, percs, vicotin, etc. but like I said, your guess is as good as mine. :)

Why did you choose Jamaica, Vermont?

Well, I knew I wanted it to take place in one of the New England states.  I started with Maine and looked through all the towns, but couldn't find one I liked.  (Looked on Wikipedia I mean) I went to Vermont next and found Jamaica.  I set that one aside and kept looking, but my mind never left Jamaica.  I started looking up more about the quiant town and fell in love.  Yes, it is a VERY real place and most of the things I talk about in the books when it comes to Jamaica are real also.  I've been to the park and I've hiked to Hamilton Falls and yes they are GORGEOUS.  If I didn't love Ohio so much I'd totally move there.

Do you compare yourself to Evania in any ways?

Well, define compare... Appearance wise, I gave Evania a few of my attributes.  She received my height, brown hair, brown eyes, small hands, and big feet.  However, she is much prettier than me and Lord knows in much better shape. ;)  Personality wise, no I don't think we are the same. Well, maybe in someways.... I'm not sure. Ask someone who knows me. :)


How do you come up with guardian abilities?

Two different ways.... I either go by what their name means or it's just something I wanted to use. Take Evania's middle name for example, Lenora.  It means shining light, thus her supernova ability.  I'll go into detail on what all the Guardian's names mean and why I chose them on a different page.


Does Evania not have any other family? no aunts, cousins, etc..?

Nope.  Her grandparents have passed away and her parents had no siblings. 


Are the Guardians characters modeled after people in real life, and how so?

Yes, a couple are.  Well, maybe not entirely.  I've already listed above which actors I had in mind when I wrote a few of the characters so I won't go there with that one, but some of the names I picked are for people I know personally. I chose people that read and supported the books through the writing process, mostly.


What's your favorite ability?

Oh, man.  That's a toughy.  I'm a very indecisive person so I'll name a couple.  Nessa's seeing ability, Evania's feeling when people are around ability, and Desmond's being invisible ability.


If Desmond is half vampire, does he not need blood to sustain him even though he can eat regular food? It's not about controlling himself, but about what his body needs?

Desmond could live off either, but since he hates being half-vampire he much prefers food.  Well, we ALL know how much Desmond loves food.  I think it's cute that he eats like a pig. :)





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