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Behind the Scenes



So you made it through Supernova and want to know

more about the second book in the saga, eh?

Well, it's your lucky day! Like always, be warned...


Why Tsunami?

Unlike Supernova, I didn’t get the title from a song. I wanted all the titles to have some kind of deeper meaning. Evania and Desmond actually talk about their life being like a Tsunami in the book.



“You know what it reminds me of?”




“A tsunami.”


I gawked at him completely baffled unsure why he’d compare our life to a devastating act of nature. “What do you mean?”


“A tsunami occurs when a volcano, earthquake or something equally catastrophic happens underneath the water. It comes out of nowhere and the wave comes with no warning. It creeps along the ocean, but when it reaches shallow water it becomes an overpowering wave of annihilation that cannot be stopped.”


If he was trying to freak me out, he’d succeeded. “You know you’re basically comparing our lives to destruction right now.”


“No,” he countered, chuckling, “not entirely. Just when bad things happen. You said yourself they come out of nowhere.”


His fuzzy contrast made sense. “I suppose I can see what you mean. So right now, the wave is in deep water and when it gets to the shallow end?”


“That’s when Luci and my Equal will strike.”


“And when everything goes back to normal for a minute?”


He flashed my favorite corner grin. “The waters recede."

Plus I like all the titles are some kind of natural event. :)


Other quotes I considered for the beginning of Tsunami

"Both good and evil serve as part of divine purpose."


"Good must co-exist with evil to have meaning, just as light needs darkness to be seen."


"There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast." Charles Dickens The Pickwick Papers


“There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it.” - Buddha

"Evil and good are God's right hand and left." - Francis Bailey

Tsunami Character Names

Luciana (Luci) -

Luci is Evania’s worse half A.K.A. her Equal. Her name means illumination or light in Italian, which is pretty perfect since she has the same abilities as Evania.


Athan -

Desmond’s Equal, Athan, is a half-vampire just like him. He hasn’t been around for centuries like Desmond, but when I was looking for a name for him, I came across Athan which means immortal in Australia and Greece. Also, I thought it sounded kinda demonic and that’s hella perfect since Athan chooses to embrace the vampire side of his new life.


Anthony -

I didn’t chose Anthony’s name for any specific reason. It was just the first name that came to mind. :- )


Jivin -

He is Axel’s Equal from India. His name means “to give life” and like all the others, it makes sense since he has Axel’s “kiss of life” ability.


Mara -

This girl is Belle’s crazy Equal. Mara means bitter, so other than that’s kind of a bad feeling, LOL, there was no real reason I chose this name other than the fact that it’s kind of a pretty name and she’s gorgeous just like Belle.


Shelly -

She is one of the Australian Guardians and also one of my dear, close friends. :- ) She was the FIRST person who started reading Supernova, which is also one of the people Supernova is dedicated to. I wanted to give her a shout out of sorts in Tsunami. :- )


Megan -

Megan is also one of the Guardians Evania meets in Australia AND one of my best friends as well. She was the second person to join on to read Supernova as I was writing it and she stayed on for all four books, reading them as I wrote them. Shout out :- )


Ryker -

Faster than a speeding bullet Ryker is! LOL I chose his name for the meaning, fast strider. He is Shelly’s mate and also one of the Guardians Evania meets in Australia.


Clyde -

Megan’s mate is a screamer! :- ) It’s been over two years and I honestly don’t remember why I chose Clyde as his name. So sorry… LOL I even looked up his name on the baby meaning website I used for all of them and can’t find a clue.


Maria Dimitriou -

I realize now I should’ve picked more of a Greek name for the woman who pretty much started Alec and Gedeon down this road of Guardians and DECON. Maria was the first name I thought of in Supernova and I just stuck with it.




Zoe -

Maria’s lost baby girl, Zoe, is Greek for life. It’s explained in the book why Maria chose the name. She wanted a name that would prove her daughter was real and alive no matter how much her parents tried to get her to forget.


Claire Dimitriou -

Alec’s secret wife Claire is one of the sweetest people in the books. No real reason for choosing her name. It was the first one to come to mind.


Adam -

I LOVE Adam’s ability. His name means “man of the earth” and his ability is just that. He can MOVE the earth, well, he’s able to shape the ground, cliffs, etc like playdoh pretty much.




Kya -

“Diamond in the sky” is the meaning of beautiful Kya’s name. She’s able to control the weather so in a way, the meaning is a perfect match to her ability.


Melina -

I asked someone to pick a name for a bad girl and Melina is what they came up with. The actual meaning of Melina has nothing to do with what she’s about, but I thought the name was pretty good for a mean girl. :- )







Inspiring Songs of Tsunami

Staind - “All I Want”


Linkin Park - “In Pieces”


Three Days Grace - “Home”


Three Days Grace - “Born Like This”


Breaking Benjamin - “Anthem of the Angels”


Breaking Benjamin - “Give Me a Sign”


Red - “Breathe Into Me”


Red - “Nothing and Everything”


Red - “Overtake You”


Red - “Death of Me”


Sick Puppies - “You're Going Down”


Skillet - “Believe”


Skillet - “Comatose”


Disturbed - “The Game”


Adelita's Way - “Can't Win”

Questions about Tsunami

How can Desmond's blood, saliva, etc. kill Evania, but hers can save his life?


Okay, if you came here searching for some big long scientific answer... I'm sorry, but you're not going to get it. I'm not a scientific girl, so I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm talking about. I'm going to tell you why I think this is so and hope it's a good enough answer for you. To me, it's like giving pasta an ice bath. Right after it's done cooking, you're supposed to submerge it into ice water "shocking" it so it stops the cooking process. I think that when Desmond's very potent blood or saliva enters Evania's body it overpowers her and "shocks" her heart, killing her. Now, when Evania's life-saving blood enters Desmond's body, no it's not as powerful as Desmond's blood, but it's still powerful enough to "shock" his heart back to life. Get it? No? Yes? Well, I hope so. And yes, I just used a pasta comparison. :)




Do Guardians ever recognize their abilities before they know they are Guardians?


You mean, do they ever have a moment where they can become invisible or light up really bright before they know about the Guardians? Nope, they sure don't. The abilities are things they are born with, yes, but how are they supposed to know they can do it? I mean honestly, who goes around wondering if they can fly or become invisible or hear up to ten miles? Oh, you do? Well, my bad.


Why didn't Desmond reveal himself and save Evania from the drug addiction?


A few reasons..... One, Alec told him he was not to get involved with her life until she was ready to see him. It killed Desmond seeing his love become addicted to drugs, but he knew one day that he would be able to help her quit. Also, he couldn't just pretend to be a normal, everyday guy and offer her help. If he wasn't her mate, sure, but remember how deep that connection goes with mates. If he did, the moment Evania saw him she would know something was going on with this guy, but she wouldn't be able to put her finger on it. Just like in Supernova, when she sees him she immediately trusts him and knows he's not there to hurt her, but she doesn't know why.




How could you kill so many characters? I understand a few of them, but why Axel and Belle?


I'm sorry! I only kill someone I absolutely have to. I'll admit I cried like a baby when I killed off Axel and Belle. :( No joke. Also, I wanted to show everyone that I wasn't afraid to kill someone in the books, even a bigger character. No one is safe, kids!




Is Desmond considered immortal?


Immortal is defined as "never dying, able to have eternal life or existence". Alec and Gedeon are considered immortal because of that, but just because Desmond is half-vampire does not mean he is immortal. Remember, he still ages, just very, very slowly. So he will die one day, but it won't be for thousands of years.

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